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Gromet – Metal eyelet is an easy way to give new lives to an old canvas. Or you can easily install more eyelets to a new canvas to give you more ways mooring canvas. The installation process is quick and easy. Buy a kit at your local hardware buttonhole. These kits usually come with a variety of sizes of eyelet buttonhole over anvil installation and whole cutter.

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Determine where to install the washers. Be sure to pick a point along the edge of the canvas has a hem and seams for added strength. Fold the canvas where you will install the washer on the piece of wood. Location Centre of the washer in the wood. Place a washer face down on the top of the anvil. At this point, you are ready to set up the two pieces together. Put the gromet punch inside the tube washer that comes with the kit. Focus is on the eye and canvas pieces having in position on the anvil.

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Gromet BrassSize: 800 x 800

Hit the pipe with a hammer. Turn the tube a quarter turn and hit him again. Repeat twice more. Pull the gromet attached outside the anvil. Make sure the washer and the washer are connected firmly with the other. Continue installing other washers for your canvas with the same process.

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