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Small Soaking Tub – The bathtub is a key part when performing cleaning the bathroom. When daily use is prone to accumulate dirt and germs we must eliminate frequently to prevent the problem is more and more difficult to remove. Another big problem is his material bathtub and white spots that evidence and it is also difficult to clean.

Posted on October 20, 2017 Hardware

But do not worry, that’s why we have more than 10 years of experience in cleaning and today we will tell you how to clean the bathtub step by step. Here comes the part we all hate to clean the small soaking tub. Yes, it’s that you’re thinking and you do not want to do. You must remove all accumulated in the tub drain hair. As is the worst part will end it at first calm to continue cleaning. Now I removed this will make a general cleaning of the tub. We plugged the drain and fill the tub with a little clean water.

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With a sponge, we will spread throughout the bath foaming water several times. Use the hose to help wipe it and cover all areas. In the supermarket can find special products for the small soaking tub or alternatively a detergent or soap product. Let’s use the same sponge with sprits of this product to scrub the entire bath until completely covered and then let stand 10 minutes for the product to act.

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