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Composite granite sinks – Kitchen sink has much use and in most houses, has high visibility. If you want a sink with some color or style, stainless steel is not the way to go. In the list of alternative materials are acrylic sink and granite. Both have their pros and cons for use; your choice depends on your personal taste and budget.

Posted on October 15, 2017 Hardware

Acrylic sinks are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. If the color is of particular concern, or how the sink is of interest, acrylic may be suitable for you as it can be thrown in any form. The drawbacks are the lack of texture and pattern; the sink will have a solid color and smooth surface. Composite granite sinks have a more limited choice of size and color available. , However, offer more options in design and surface texture, allowing you to get a custom look.

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The acrylic does not stain and can be clean with any product. Easily scratch, however, and care must be take with knives and other kitchen implements. Granite will not scratch, but require sealing to prevent staining food or hard water. Sealing will also help protect the stone against bacterial growth. Since granite is a natural, porous material must be wash with special composite granite sinks neutral cleaner to prevent the etching of the surface, maintaining sanitation.

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