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Mirrored lingerie chest – playroom, mudrooms and entrances are the perfect places to mix storage with a functional seating area. Find a storage chest, either new or from a thrift store, and add a few pillows for a casual look. For a custom look to hire a contractor to build a built-in window seat. Buy high bookshelves (preferably 24 inches by 80 inches), with some cabinet doors, others without. Line an entire wall of bookcases to attach them to the wall with screws from the inside. Use bookcases with cabinet doors to hide clutter. Use shelved shelves to display books and knickknacks. This storage solution is ideal for a home office, a library or playroom.

Posted on November 19, 2017 Furniture Design

A low mirrored lingerie chest is one of the smartest boxes to integrate into your home because it serves a double duty function. For example, use a trunk or chest to store old knickknacks, books or newspapers, or children’s toys. When closing, the breast acts as a coffee or accent table. On the other hand, keeping a low cabinet or office through the front door like an inconspicuous place to store your shoes. When closed, you can sit on your chest, or use it as a bench to put on or take off your shoes, which makes it a little quicker to get in or out of the house.

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An old, restored storage mirrored lingerie chest painted to match your little boy’s room not only has a large variety of toys, but enhances the room or train pirate theme. You can ride a newer chest to see the old, giving it a distressed look, and you can paint your child’s name or add your own images to your chest to personalize it for your little boy. If you use an older chest, restore the hinges and sand the wood to ensure it is smooth and in top condition so that it does not cause any harm to your child.

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As an alternative to the usual shelves and toy boxes are available at big-box stores, an antique mirrored lingerie chest cabinet filled with cubbies, shelves and compartments for storing all your little boy toy, with the bonus of being able to neatly hide them behind closed doors when not used. No matter what style or theme for your son’s room, you can find a vintage or antique cabinet to improve the look of the room. If you cannot find the perfect cabinet, refinish anxiety or paint a cabinet to fit in with the look you are trying to achieve.