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Rustic toilet paper holder – if anything in the bathroom that is always the same is the toilet paper holder and classic. It can be fixed to the wall or may be of standing. However, you can always settle for having the typical with all your friends at home or also opt for an original support for toilet paper, for those who are hard to find, but assures you that give a touch that will differentiate you from the rest household you know.

Posted on October 18, 2017 Hardware

Have you ever seen a tree like rustic toilet paper holder? Because it is one of the alternatives that we present today. You can hang several rolls while using one of them. If you choose white, highlighted much if you buy rolls of colors or prints.

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Quiet, we have not gone mad and do not want to put the printer in the bathroom. If you search the Internet online stores, you will find what we talked about you: A rustic toilet paper holder that simulates a printer. As you can imagine, the roll placed ‘inside’ the printer and you’re pulling it, as if it were folios. In more contemporary homes robots colors can be a good choice to decorate the toilet area. You’ll find them in bright colors and come out through your mouth toilet paper. You can also use them for children’s bathrooms. To your kids you will love!

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