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Wicker sofa – The biggest problem we face with this type of furniture is that often do not know how to get the dust that accumulates in the cracks, as a duster or cloth only clean the surface, leaving the recesses accumulated dust and dirt , which will give a bad look to your furniture. In addition, usually it frightens us make a deep cleaning. Because if the form or product we use is not right for this material. Also you will end up ruining the furniture.

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Here are some suggestions for you clean your wicker sofa correctly and you achieve that always looks flawless. First you must remove dust with a vacuum cleaner at full power. Scrub with a soft brush to remove stains, clean with a sponge with soapy water and a little ammonia. Rinse well and let air dry, away from direct sunlight or any heat source.

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Another way is after getting the powder prepare in a container a mixture of hot water with coarse salt or lemon juice and after soaking well a cloth with this fluid, apply and rub generously only on the surface of wicker sofa then process to place the furniture in an outdoor area where the sun does not reach, but you can aerate enough wind for drying is achieve.

While they are quite resistant, this furniture requires maintenance to prolong its life , since by being made from natural fibers, can rot or break more easily than wood. The first step in the care of our wicker furniture is the location. If we placed in a ventilated and protected from direct incidence of sunlight, drying and will prevent they crack.

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Moisture is one of the points that should care mainly because the can spoil quickly. Avoid mold at all costs, because the stain and weakens. If your furniture is wet with rain, not put in the shade or piled up, since mold will appear shortly. Dry with a cotton cloth and let the sun a few hours until thoroughly dry and then place them back into the shade.

To remove dust, the vacuum cleaner is your best ally. If there is any remaining rebel dust, you can use a soft brush of short bristles or a soft brush. If you still resists, rub them with a soft soapy water and then rinse them with clean water cloth brush. Dry with a dry cloth and let the air.

Before presenting your new wicker furniture outdoors, protect him with natural wax or color, if the wicker is natural. If you are varnished, aplícales another layer of clear varnish instead of wax. If your wicker furniture and have a usage time and want to leave as new. You can apply some of our maintenance tips. Another way to protect wicker furniture is paint, which, in addition to protecting the fiber material protects the dirt.

One of the simplest ways to paint the furniture with so many corners is using spray paints, which facilitates the arrival of paint in all the gaps and gives them a more modern look.
Furniture who have lost varnish and dirt present, we can rub with fine steel wool , soaked in a solution of soda or bleach and warm water. Then we clarify with cold water and let harden furniture.

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