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Free standing toilet paper holder – Although the toilet paper not see to be an element that too much attention is give in terms of decoration. There is more, the support for this element also deserves attention. Because it can become the star complement to the bathroom if we choose as original as this object that’ll teach you.

Posted on October 26, 2017 Hardware

Tree is one of the reasons fashionable decorations. As a coat rack, painted on the wall, like drawing in the children ‘s room and now also as multiple support for free standing toilet paper holder. There are several colors and does not require much space for installation. With proper grip system, with cords or strings can achieve a paper support. Just cross the tube with those elements and tie the ends to an anchor. This image is a design factory but you can imitate at home.

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Since in the bathroom can come good entertainment. What better than a free standing toilet paper holder support that is also a speaker for your music player or Smartphone. It’s a great idea. The maxim “less is more” also comes to bathroom design with a wire like this. That the grip of more than a paper roll is allow. Or Imagination and recycling. Yes, a paper support can be done with a simple box. And if this is recycling and vintage look, perfect. If you also manage to create a system handle to turn the laptop support, much better.

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