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Sometimes simplicity is in good taste and, sometimes, simply places a copper watering can with a dry to completely change the look of a room or garden flowers. Today I bring you ideas for decorating with showers. You can use them alone or with flowers, also with cactus (I have one with a cactus in my kitchen); we see much in the decoration of some weddings, especially those with rural style , but I assure you it will be good anywhere where put.

Posted on September 30, 2017 Hardware

Perhaps the idea is most commonly use but still wonderful. The effect you get him to a room putting some flowers in a copper watering can is incredible. I love it with lavenders, for example, margaritas, and as I said before with cacti or succulents. Place your favorite flowers and see what a beautiful vase. The can put in your living room, in the kitchen; even in the bathroom can be beautiful. Also in your garden or terrace, giblets coolest flowerpots’ have…

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Place those utensils you use most in a shower. The always have on hand and on top you’ve decorated your countertop, much nicer to put them in a container any, do not you think? You will make the stay acquires, suddenly an air vintage beautiful and Provencal. Usually this decorative copper watering can has very retro finishes, as worn metal or … There are many kinds.

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