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Ceiling Fan with Light – Three blade ceiling fan with light can help lower your electric bills for cooling in summer, warm air move around your house during the winter, and light up a room. It is easiest to replace an existing light fixture with your new fan and light combination; because you will not need to run any new power lines to it. The installation will attic access above where you are installing your new fan, but that access is not necessary. Turn off the breaker power to the fixture you are replacing. Check the connections to the fixture to ensure that power is off. Remove the existing light fixture with a screwdriver and remove it. For increased security, installing wire nuts on bare wires until you are ready to attach the new fan wires.

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Mount bracket and electric fields for the new fan and light combination, using a screwdriver and the supplied screws. The bracket may require an adjustable wrench to tighten the attachment between the joists. Three blade ceiling fan are heavy duty engines; the electrical boxes used for ceiling light fixtures are not strong enough to support a ceiling fan. You may need to cut some extra drywall from the ceiling to allow for heavier duty support bracket and electric fields. Trace the outline of the new electrical box with a pencil, and cut the new opening with a drywall or jigsaw.

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Attach the new hanger bracket bolts to the roof with the help of the manufacturer, and install the new electrical box. Disconnect the power cables to the electrical box and fasten them in place with a lock nut. Assemble all the decorative plates that came with the fan, routing the electrical wires through the opening in the plate.

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Lifting the three blade ceiling fan motor unit and has been an assistant support it. Remove safety wire from power cables and match the white wires, black wires and ground wires. Mount the wire nuts, and wrap the tape around each of the paired where they enter the wire. Slide the paired wires in the electrical box, and make sure the cables are not pleated. Bolt fan motor drive in place. Screw the fan blades, and attach the blade assembly to the motor shaft. Make sure that the screw that holds the blade assembly to the motor end is tightened. Install any decorative light shades that came with the fan of light sockets, keep them in place with set screws provided. Do not tighten the screws, or you can crack a light shade.