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Screen door handles – To fix screen door handles, the first steps is remove stick handle by removing two or three screws in the front of the handle. When you remove these screws, should both inside and outside parts of the handle from falling out of the door. Remove the strike plate of the door jam. Second, use the whole template on the door handle kit and mark the position of the new handle holes. Do not use the same holes as you did with the old handle.

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Drill 1/8-inch pilot hole completely through the door at the marks you made. Fourth, drill 5/16 inch hole at the top of these pilot holes to make them bigger. Drilling Half from one side of the door, when half of the other side. Fifth, put the two parts of the new door handle on screen door handles right sides. Make sure the holes line up. Sixth, insert new screws for connecting the two parts together. Starting screws by hand to ensure that the threads catch tighten them with a screwdriver.

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Close the door and put the strike plate in the right place so the latch catches plate. Eight, mark the strike plate holes on the doorpost. Remove the plate from the jamb and drill 1/16-inch pilot holes at the marks. Ninth, screw the plate into place, but do not tighten the screws completely. Last, adjust the plate to make sure the lock, and tighten the screws. And your new screen door handles was done.

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