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In this article we will discuss about lion door knocker. They can be extra memorable way into your home. Fewer still can match the impact of a lion door knocker they approached.

Posted on October 12, 2017 Hardware

Lion door knocker has become popular in the UK and China during the middle ages. While both cultures created different versions both have a recognizable picture of a lion. Although each of these areas is developed they are different. The lion represents strength and courage. Lion pictures convey an aura of grandeur in this domain. Not to mention that it makes a handsome door knocker really good.

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With the exception of the east has the appearance of a malignant interpretation while Europe developed calm and majestic views. Typical design is that of the face of a lion holding a ring-like shape in the mouth. Face shape will be a major part while the ring will be no moving parts or clapper. Some may have a third part called the clapper strikes. This part is what really clapper will contact while knocking on the door. In some designs the clapper strikes an inherent part of the body knocker. Given the artistic elegance of the lion was not surprising that the beater is very popular around the world. That article about lion door knocker.


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