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Two shelf bookcase provides functional storage and decorative display space for a variety of items. The shelves may be of any style or materials, an ordinary bookcase is almost a waste of space. An attractive and creative bookcase, but not only storage and display elements of boring shelves but also a decorative, artistic accent to the room. Here are a few ideas to stimulate the imagination.

Posted on September 16, 2017 Home Inspiration

Wooden two shelf bookcase are versatile furniture that can be used to help you create the look that you want in your living room or bedroom. Whether you have a new wooden bookshelf that you want to decorate, or you have an older bookshelf that requires some work, use decorative details that will help you get the most out of this useful furniture. Even if you plan to use your bookshelf most of the books you still have room for some decorating. Removing a large handful of books from each shelf and keep the books back with a bookend.

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If you choose a bookend that is decorative, it can fill the small cubby yourself or if you choose a slimmer bookend, you can fill cubby with a decorative object as a sculpture or a picture frame. Remove handfuls of books from the right side, left side and the center of various shelves for a staggered look to your cubbies. Agonizing a wooden two shelf bookcase gives it a comfortable worn look. Apply a coat of flat paint to the shelves and then rub a layer of paste wax to the shelves. Apply a layer of wood glaze on the paste-wax and allow it to dry overnight.

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Use 100 grit sandpaper to distress the corners of the bookcase and to wear off patches of color. To preserve the distressed tree afterward, apply a coat of protective sealant. Baskets allow you to use your wood bookshelves to keep items that otherwise makes them look messy. For example, if you have a wooden shelf near the TV, use a basket down on the bookshelf to keep remote controls and video game controllers. You can also use baskets to hold items that are not used every day, like candles and incense. You can use small objects so the narrow surface from becoming overwhelmed. You can select a single object or select several smaller objects. A series of very small framed photos can fit this space, or you can choose a small painting or print to hang.