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Build The Cement Fiber Siding

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Cement Fiber Siding – The cement fiber lining is durable, resistant to weather and fire, and does not look bad. It prevents the appearance of woodpeckers, termites and mold. Due to all the benefits of choosing fiber cement coatings, why would anyone choose vinyl or wood? Although the process of making fiber cement products may sound simple, most of the cement fiber is processed by a manufacturer. Read some basic instructions to determine if you are qualified to make fiber cement linings. Chances are you’ll feel better if you shop at the local hardware store.

Get acquainted with cement fiber siding products by reading some of their history. At the turn of the century a French company manufactured cement fiber linings and other products and exported them from Australia to America. Because cement fiber linings resist rotting, many homes built around 100 years ago still have original cement fiber linings and roofs.

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Creates cement fiber siding by mixing Portland cement, sand, additives and water. The wood pulp fiber replaces that of asbestos. The different chemical composition of cellulose fibers makes their compatibility with cement much more complex than that of asbestos fibers. Mix a batch of sand compound, cement, cellulose fibers, water, waxes and resins. The material will be left in an autoclave, a process in which the mixture is subjected to highly pressurized steam that presses the material to its final form. This autoclave procedure provides greater strength and durability to the final product.

It forms the mixture of cement fiber siding in mats, pressing them to the desired thickness that oscillates of 8 mm to 25 mm. The table measures 244 cm long by 61 cm wide. The density of the table varies from 600-kg / cu. M. At 750 kg / cu. M. Thickens the cement fiber lining to make it more durable than its vinyl counterpart. Although this increase in thickness will add more weight to your home, it will also provide you with more protection.

Replacing existing linings in your home with stronger, longer-lasting cement fiber siding increases the value of your home and provides you with long-lasting coating products. If your home already comes with fiber cement coatings, leave it like this. Most owners without cement fiber linings are thinking of making the change.

Most owners without cement fiber siding are thinking of making the change. The fibers in the cement fiber coatings used to contain asbestos as their fiber material. When the news came out that asbestos was harmful, the coatings manufacturers switched to cellulose. Cement fiber lining is not only resistant to fire, frost, acid and ants, but is now also a safe and highly desirable product.