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Is for external and internal doors, install locksets each tend to follow a similar process. The ideal result is a neat latch or lock fitted, with minimum damage to other areas of the doors and frames. Safe, works well and can be easily operate.

Posted on October 25, 2017 Hardware

New or replacement, if you for example drill to the new door you will need to allow. More time than to replace locksets is old and you may need more tools or equipment. For example a router, chisel and possibly a template for fit or install the lockset.

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Locksets With Master KeySize: 1021 x 768

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Antique Brass LocksetsSize: 1024 x 768

If it is a new door make sure you fit in locksets at an altitude of practical and comfortable from the floor and at a height that makes the door secure. You will need to drill the hole saw bit of the right size for the lock cylinder. You should also drill of the right size to drill a pilot hole screws. You may also need a router to help cut mortice area to the door to allow the faceplate screw or latch part of locksets to fit flush edge of the door. A good, sharp chisel will be needed to help cut mortice area tidy. You will also need a pencil to mark, and square and ruler.

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