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Modern pedestal sink – when besides being beautiful furniture is practical deserves applause. If you have a sink of these ancient pedestal or foot. Without having to work you will gain space in bathroom and also change decor. You bathroom will look different, more modern.

Posted on January 16, 2018 Hardware

This sink is practical solutions for bathroom. Modern pedestal sink or standing was used in houses of 60s and 70s. They had one foot porcelain where would pipeline. Of those basins to what today takes in sanitary design it has changed considerably. The problem is: If I have a pedestal sink and I like to have a bathroom cabinet. Do I have to remove it, and then do work? answer is no. There are options to take your bath and do nothing, but nothing working ‘attach’ a piece of furniture where you can have towels, your cosmetics, perfumes, and other objects that guards in bathroom.

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Interesting thing is that this furniture also can find them for less than € 100 and have in various designs from classic to modern color white chocolate. So “good, nice and cheap” furniture for modern pedestal sink are a ’round’ solution. Another model pedestal sink cabinet, but this even more practical. If you look has wheels, so you can even use it elsewhere in bathroom if for example you are going to make up or spend plate and you want to support brushes, masks and other ‘gear’ in cabinet. Once you have finished you go back to putting coupled to sink and voila!

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