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Medicine Cabinet With Lights – A kit is probably one of the last places that a person expects to discover interesting decorative elements. The bathrooms are spaces often neglected when it comes to style, but with little touches can transform ordinary distinctiveness. Start by turning your medicine cabinet in a nice visual display in sight.

Posted on November 27, 2017 Hardware

Instructions: 1) Use small wall graphics vinyl to decorate the mirror of a medicine cabinet with lights in the bathroom of a child. These graphs off easily if necessary. 2) install a glass door and old unused medicine cabinet shelves in a bathroom. Decorate the shelves with old bottles of medicine and first aid supplies. 3) Create a custom picture frame in the exact size of the door to the medicine cabinet. Place a photograph or a painting in the frame and mounting the cabinet door as a decorative disguise.

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4) Patterns Etch with a wood stove on the sides of a box of medicine protruding from the wall. 5) Use acrylic paint to design a border around the door of the medicine cabinet with lights or mirror. 6) Paste an edge of objects such as stones, gems of art or shells around the outer edge of the medicine cabinet. You could also do it in the mirror or the door.

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