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Strainer basket – In our tour of the trends most important in kitchens. And countertops we will stop where it is today, according to the manufacturers. The most important work area of the kitchen. In fact, according to their data, 60% of the times we spent in it we do it in the sink. Mainly washing, preparing and cutting food, tasks, unlike cleaning the dishes. So far it is not possible perform with any machine.

Posted on January 3, 2018 Hardware

We could say that design, hygiene. And use of space in a rational and practical way, are the features that stand out more in sinks current trendsetters. Which we have divided into two groups according to their role in the kitchen. Let us know in more detail. Discrete had the protagonists, those who want to be the center of activity. And the focus of the kitchen strainer basket sink. The protagonists have several buckets, work tables, baskets. And different accessories to perform all work necessary for the most ergonomic, practical and functional.

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Strainer BasketSize: 1000 x 750

Strainer Basket StopperSize: 1000 x 726

Strainer Basket SizeSize: 800 x 800

New Strainer BasketSize: 1000 x 704

Besides bucket and wringer incorporates a worktable in safety glass. Strainer basket stainless steel soap dispenser, drainer and three types of food grater. Definitely a full array of work gathered in the water area. So far our tour of the latest trends in sinks where, as we see, live together peacefully two camps, each with its battle strategy. In our hands we are to decide on what we were.

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