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Sink with drainboard – A vintage sink may be the design focus of your kitchen. It is an iconic fixture of American homes of the 1940s. Cast iron sinks retain heat and is extremely durable. They are also very heavy, which makes installation a bit of a challenge for today’s homeowners. Ideally you should have 36 inches of counter space on one side of the sink, and 18 inches on the second.

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In addition, measure the sink with drainboard area to ensure your vintage sink fits in the space. And the backsplash will blend in with the rest of the wall. Cut away the part of the cabinet, you need to set the sink in place, if your sink is a farmhouse version with a solid front.

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Strengthen the surrounding cabinets by measuring and cutting 3/4-inch plywood to fit on the sides, front and back. Nail in place. Measure the depth of the sink and nailing 3/4-inch plywood strips on the inside of the cabinets to clamp the sink with drainboard. Also place the rod strips on the front, back and sides. Dry fit the sink in place to ensure that it fits, and put on braces. Finally, draw a line at the counter to show where the sink is. Also, make plumbing connections are properly line up.

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