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Corner Shower Seat – Install a shower seat corner in a ceramic shower. This is the fastest type of bank to install and is less labor intensive to install a full bank. This bank is then tiled to match your existing shower. Instructions: • Buying a triangular box bank steel for a shower. Anticipating the situation of banks and put duct tape on the location of the corner where the seat is set.

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Ensure that the two walls forming the corner are at right angles to each other. • Place against the wall on this tape and use a small level to make a sure it is reasonably level but slopes slightly downward to prevent water trapping in puddles against the wall. Do not allow the seat to cost so much that is sensible. Mark the screw holes in the box corner shower seat on the shower wall using a grease pencil. Remove the Bank to reveal the marks.

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Drill holes in the marks with a diamond or masonry bit carbide tipped. Be careful to go slowly and use reasonably to drill. Use a drill bit that is the same diameter as the screw (teeth included) on the tile. Use the size indicated in the instructions that came with them in the installation kit corner shower seat that fits the screws that come with it.

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