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The wicker trunk can offer storage in addition to a leg and footrest. Place it in front of the sofa or favorite chair for any comfortable addition within your room. Measure the length and width of your wicker trunk. Buy a chair cushion that is as big as the tip of your tribe. These can be found in most major stores. Choose a color that looks good in the room and with the braided finish.

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It may be possible to have a tie-on style pillow that fits your wicker trunk. If the straps are not too thick, they can be pushed through the braided and knotted inside the lid. Otherwise, two pairs of flat your boots (such as nylon fabric). Or get 4 feet of 1/4-inch flat trim from a fabric store.

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As a result, fold shoelaces in half, trim or cut into 12-inch lengths and times of the half. Four of these bands on the underside of the pad 2 to 3 inches in from each corner. Center cushion at the braided wicker trunk and press the ends through the braided least 2 inches apart. Tie the ends together in each corner. This will secure the pad. Also select a comfortable size and height for your ottoman. A braided cube can be the best choice in a small room. Consider the size of the chair or sofa. To create a chaise longue effect, creating an ottoman that will be the same height as the seat in a matching color.

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