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Folding coffee table is a good way to get table space when you need it, while retaining the possibility of extra floor space by folding it away. Simple wooden coffee tables are easy to construct. And folding legs can allow you to stash away-perhaps behind the couch-when you do not. Begin with best quality wood and hardware for the sturdiest table right.

Posted on January 7, 2018 Hardware

Making folding coffee table cut the 2 by 2 inch lumber into two 5 foot 8-cm pieces. And two 17-inch pieces and four 16-inch pieces with a hand or power saw. The 16-inch pieces will be the legs, so if you want a longer or shorter table, adjust their length. Screw this rectangle together by drilling a 1/8-inch holes for each screw to avoid a breakdown of the wood. And then drive the screws in with a Phillips head bit on your drill or impact driver.

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When you make folding coffee table, add a 2 by 6-foot piece of plywood over the top of your rectangle so that’s 2 inches of overhang on each side. Screw the plywood to the frame properly, turns the table top over so your frame pieces upwards. Place one leg in each corner, inside the frame, which provides about half centimeter between the bone and the short end of the frame to be able to swing closed easily. Using the 1/2-inch wood screws. And attach a hinge on the side of each leg facing the center of the long side of the table. All four legs can be folded inward without overlap.

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