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Wood closet systems – Today we present the closets and wardrobes. This article may give you some ideas to design a special space for dressing and store all clothing and shoes. The fancy of many women who are fans of fashion and shopping. We will see different types of models. Some have a complete suite of work, while others are quite simple mobile structures that can be placed in different locations.

Posted on November 26, 2017 Hardware

In the rest of our selection of ideas you can see all kinds of designs of integrated mobile shelves. Or cabinets suitable for different spaces. With regard to materials for processing. We can see that aluminum, steel and also wood closet systems to be tough and not much heavy they appear. It’s a great part not only as a dressing room but also as a module working in an office, for example.

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Wood Closet Systems TypeSize: 1280 x 1080

Small Wood Closet SystemsSize: 1119 x 1350

Man Wood Closet SystemsSize: 1152 x 579

Diy Wood Closet SystemsSize: 1000 x 946

An integrated in a niche of the wood closet systems wall is the model of modern dressing we can see in the picture above. The cabinet has numerous compartments of different shapes and sizes, ideal for storing in them all kinds of clothing. Drawers and doors have no handles beige, which makes the design even more modern and compact. Great idea for a dressing is to place shaped corner modules. In this way you can take advantage of the space more efficiently using it to put clothes. Another innovation in the design of this type of furniture is the lack of closet doors. This detail also helps gain in visual field causing a feeling of more space.

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