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Pipe nipple – Replace the shower head can be quite a simple task. There are several different reasons you might want to install new shower fixtures in your bathroom. Maybe for cosmetic reasons or because of the current head not spray properly. The spray is often cause by lime and calcium deposits that build up over time, or even just a natural corrosion.

Posted on November 27, 2017 Hardware

This guide will walk you through the steps to take to install your new shower head. Before you start work, make sure the bathroom faucet has firmly been shut off. Now we will need to remove the exist shower head to turn back. The clock with a wrench on the flat which is locate at the base of toiletries. Flat spots located in pipe nipple.

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Pipe nipple this should look. This is where the screw head into the pipe gooseneck, which is part sticking out of the wall. Once remove, thoroughly clean the threads on the neck of a swan as debris may have built. Next is the preparation process for the goose-neck thread. After a clean thread, wrap them in Teflon tape. Once the new shower head install, Teflon will prevent any leakage. You should wrap the thread around 4 to 5 turns clockwise.


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