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Style selections laminate flooring has been popular in home since early 1990s. Today, many companies offer excellent choices in laminate flooring. Cost of maintenance and beauty of laminate flooring makes it an excellent choice in home. Laminate flooring can be bought in planks, strips and square tiles. By incorporating creative ideas with laminate flooring, you can add a distinctive look to overall decor of your home. Instead of flooring planks in a traditional vertical design, you can consider placing planks diagonally. Result will be most dramatic in a big room with minimal furniture, let floor design stand out.

Posted on December 6, 2017 Home Inspiration

An inmate design can be used to define a center area of floor space. Planks for inset area should be placed in a contrasting direction, so that inmates stand out. Inmate’s technique can be used in a lobby to greet guests with a customized look. An insert can also be used to define seating area in a living or dining room. To create an inmate, use different style selections laminate flooring finish. You can record laminate tiles or strips of distinctive colors, patterns and textures to give inmates more character features and definition.

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Style selections laminate flooring can be mixed to create a unique look. Choose a combination of finishes and alternate location of planks. Stage an oak next to a chestnut to create a two-toned striped effect. Or stage a dark wood tone next to a light wood tone to a very dramatic mixed wood effect. Planks can be placed vertically or diagonally for even more interest value. Create a border treatment of staging planks in opposite directions to “frame” in space. For example, if planks covering largest floor space area are positioned vertically, you can create a space limit of staging planks on perimeter of room horizontally. You could also choose planks in surface coating of a different color to create a border that stands out. This could be done by means of a dark timber at edge of space and a lighter timber to bottom of space.

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Create a well-defined area by mixing style selections laminate flooring with rugs. This idea can work well in a large area like a living room. Define a border area with laminate flooring least one or two feet. So use blankets in remaining area. Resulting appearance will mimic style to have an area rug, but will have a much higher than quality and permanent effect. Select a laminate floor finish that will complement decor of room. Using a carpet fabric color selection, this will also increase furniture as a rich color “pop” of red or blue, or a neutral Berber carpet for making wooden furniture standout.