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Rubber Curb Ramp – When it comes to parking curbs, concrete wheel stops, or there is no friend to your vehicle. It is painful to hear the sound of concrete wheel stops Strain as it scrapes against the underside of your car. How frustrating was worried about damage to the tape every time you bump into the wheel curb parking. Fortunately, there are solutions that are better and more cost effective. If you have designed or reconstructed parking area, consider the advantages of rubber. Rubber curb ramp wheels are one of the simplest and most intelligent new innovations in traffic safety. Made of the same material as the band, rubber wheel stop is capable of so much more peace of mind because they greatly reduce the amount of the potential loss of your vehicle. You won’t suffer scratches to the paint or puncture the tyres as you might with concrete. And because our curbs and parking wheel stops are made from recycled rubber, they are no threat to the environment or the Earth’s stock of natural resources pose.

Posted on December 12, 2017 Home Inspiration

Whether you are a parking company in the room or a small parking area for your home business design, rubber curb ramp is the right choice. At home, you may not want to designate parking spaces by painting lines or may be impossible if you have a gravel road. Wheel stop or parking curbs, however, is a viable option. A little research will show that rubber products are easier and cheaper to install than concrete. Also, your customers will appreciate the reflective tape that is formed in each rubber wheel stop. Safety measures this Will let your customers know-before they even step into your Office – that you want the best for them.

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In banks, offices and shops, rubber wheels stop or rubber curb ramp create parking very clean and Nice. Because rubber is more durable than concrete, your clients will never pull in the parking lot which is converted by a split or lead wheel stop. You can even choose from rubber parking curbs and stop is decorated with yellow or white reflective tape, while a blue rubber wheels stop at the head of the handicapped spaces. With rubber, you can easily reach your display to the modern parking while ensuring optimal safety.

As mentioned, rubber curb ramp ask for an engineer visit City area that you plan to install the humps and evaluate it. Some areas that you never have to install include: humps over manholes, less than 10 feet from the entrance, on the road with a sharp horizontal curves, and in the streets with a value that is more than 5%. If you install the humps in areas prone to snow, remember that the humps are easily damaged; Therefore, install it on the way in which you can easily remove them for Snow Removal. Install them in a way that you can remove and replace humps without damage.

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