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Burgundy shower curtain – Sophisticated bathrooms celebrate art and elegant decor pieces. These bathrooms are stylish, but not over the top or light. The colors are often neutral or pastel, as well as details such as marble or white crown molding completes the look. However, some smart bathrooms have bold colors as well. Elegant powder rooms can also include old-fashioned antiques such as silver handheld mirror or make-up compact for decoration.

Posted on November 22, 2017 Hardware

A sophisticated bathroom can also incorporate rich colors like purple or burgundy shower curtain. Choose an accent wall to paint the dark color and leave the remaining walls and ceiling white to accent wall stands out. Hang stylish pieces of framed art on your dark wall. Hang the other art on the white walls, choose a frame to match or complement the color of your accent wall. Install dark marble countertops with a sink and cherry wood cabinets. Opt for a claw-foot tub and other old fashioned decor pieces to add even more sophistication to the room.

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Indulge your passion for lavender or burgundy shower curtain with this sophisticated bathroom focused on this fragrant herb. Paint the walls of your bathroom a pastel purple and leave the ceiling white. Add white crown molding along the ceiling for even more style. Install bright tiles such as pastel purple or white on the floor, but avoid rustic colors like brown because they will collide with the walls. White cabinets work well in this bathroom. Hang a large oval mirror over the sink or a mirror above each sink, if you have two. Place dried lavender herb stems in glass on both ends of the table top. Use silky shower curtain and hang framed black and white photographs on the walls.

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