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Slipper tub – The claw foot tub is an enduring relic of vintage-style bathroom, but what many homeowners who want to renovate their bathroom may not know is that the claw foot tub is far from standard. Those who want to regain a charming vintage style in the bathroom should act for its claw foot bathtub and carefully weigh all available options before choosing the right claw foot tub in their bathroom space.  The shape of the slipper bath allows most users to rest with your legs extended while soaking. This vessel design was first implemented during the Victorian era and continues to be popular among owners of older-style homes.

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Like the traditional claw foot tub, sliding tub has a rolled edge for bathing comfort. This style claw foot tub has a high, strongly extended back for bather comfort. As the rolled edge tub slipper tub drain is usually at the end opposite the sloping end. This style tub is available in cast iron and acrylic. Both vintage and modern slipper tub is available.

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White Slipper TubSize: 990 x 870

Unique Slipper TubSize: 1000 x 667

Stylish Slipper TubSize: 900 x 647

Slipper Tub StyleSize: 1000 x 1000

Slipper Tub PhotoSize: 1165 x 831

Slipper Tub ImageSize: 969 x 969

Slipper Tub IdeasSize: 804 x 616

Slipper Tub DesignSize: 990 x 640

Slipper Tub Design IdeasSize: 1038 x 664

Popular Slipper TubSize: 1653 x 1164

Nice Slipper TubSize: 1280 x 960

New Slipper TubSize: 1500 x 1500

Double slipper tub’s claw foot tub that resembles double rolled rim tubs in that they have two rounded ends. Like the single slipper bathtub has this tube substantially sloping ends with a drain in the middle. The pages on vintage double slipper tub rolled, as well as other styles of claw foot tub for bathing comfort and safety. Modern double slipper bath are available free of curl in a variety of materials, including glass and marble.

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