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Undermount stainless steel sink – undermount stainless steel sink from chrome and nickel; stainless steel sinks are rated by the amount of chromium and nickel in the steel. For example, 16:08 steel is 16 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. Better sinks have higher figures. For your washing, try to find stainless steel, which is 18:08 or 20:10; these versions are good quality steel and is expected to last longer than steel with lower chromium and nickel content.

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Stainless – washing quality is measured in the steel gauge or thickness. Thicker steel is characterized by a lower gauge, while the thinner the drain has a higher gauge. Most homes drain is rated between 16-gauge and 22-gauge. Thicker undermount stainless steel sink is more robust, more resistant to dents, quieter and higher quality. Thin stainless steel sinks are expensive because they are less durable and more prone to denting.


Undermount stainless steel sink come in many different configurations. Most selects either a two-bowl or a bowl version, even if the three-bowl sink is also available with a small center sink for prep work. Drain in a bowl give more room to wash large dishes, such as cookie sheets or pans, but sinks with two or more bowls gives you separate compartments to suck some dishes while you upload the others in the dishwasher or wash them. There is no “better” configuration than the other; choose the style that works best for you and your family.

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