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Speakeasy door – A home entry door covers, also called an overhang. Improve a home curb appeal and give protection to your doorstep. You have a wide range of design options and material selection to create entry door coverage. An entry door cover that does not require a lot of planning and work is a simple shelf-like edge.

Posted on December 19, 2017 Hardware

You can line your speakeasy door with a basic trim. And line top with a deep trim that looks like a shelf hang inside the home. Then setting overhang allows you to paint it any color you want. But using a complementary color to your home’s exterior design helps limit blend into the architecture. Planning for this project you measure your door frame. And also look trim with matching dimensions.

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Wooden Speakeasy DoorSize: 1152 x 768

Speakeasy Door TypeSize: 1038 x 1279

Speakeasy Door PaintSize: 1024 x 768

Speakeasy Door HomeSize: 1400 x 1050

Speakeasy Door DesignsSize: 1008 x 672

Single Speakeasy DoorSize: 1200 x 1600

Rustic Speakeasy DoorSize: 1400 x 1050

Exterior Speakeasy DoorSize: 900 x 1200

Entry Speakeasy DoorSize: 1024 x 710

Double Speakeasy DoorSize: 1400 x 1050

If you design your home from scratch, you have the opportunity to build your doorstep post coverage in your home’s structure. Which is an ideal situation, if your home is built of stone. The advantage of this method is that you can do overhang any shape or style you want. For example, if you choose a round door. You can outline the whole speakeasy door with an overhang as deep as you want. The same idea applies to square doors. Extend the front door cover as deep as you want to create a porch-like hall. Work closely with your architect to illustrate these plans. And ensure the measurements create structurally sound door coverage.

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